Ways to Save

There are ways to reduce your heating costs throughout the home

Turn your thermostat down

Reducing your thermostat setting by just 1ºC could save you up to £75 per year, without noticing any difference.

Understand your heating system and its controls

Take time to learn how your heating system works - and how to use the controls properly - so that you can use it in the best and most cost-effective way for you. For example, your home will take about 30 minutes to cool down (longer in a well-insulated property) so consider turning the heating off half an hour before you go to bed.

Keep furniture away from radiators

The foam in upholstered furniture is a very effective heat insulator and prevents heat being distributed into your room.

Manage the temperature of your home

Try to keep the temperature of your home between 18 and 21°C.

Avoid drying your clothes on radiators

Drying clothes on radiators makes you heating system work harder, and could cause condensation, which could create a damp problem in your home.